Rav Avigdor Miller on Drinking Beer 

Is there anything wrong with drinking beer? 

For havdala you can drink beer. Otherwise, I suggest H²O. Water is the best drink. You’re surprised? Many people are not drinking enough water. And that’s one reason why they have constipation and trouble with their stomach.

You should drink enough water every day. Sixty years ago I suffered from constipation. One day I was walking home from yeshiva, and a young man told me to drink a glass of water every day before davening. I started doing it. Only that I did it twice – two glasses of water every morning. Boruch Hashem, it was an עצה נפלאה, a wonderful piece of advice.

You need water to loosen up. When you eat, drink some water while you’re eating. It won’t be so hard anymore. Dilute it with water. Make a soft mass inside of your body. That soft mass inside of you is digested more regularly. You must drink enough water and most people aren’t. I’m not saying it’s ossur to drink beer, but what’s the benefit of it? It’s just dirty water.
TAPE # E-217 (January 2000)