Do you consider it a waste of time from limud Torah for a yeshiva man to take out time during bein hazmanim for driving lessons? 


It depends on the situation. Now, I will tell you that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take out time bein hazmanim for Shulchan Aruch lessons. What about Shulchan Aruch lessons? You think a yeshiva man doesn’t need Shulchan Aruch lessons? And what about Chovos Halevavos lessons? And what about Yehoshua, Shoftim and Shmuel lessons? A yeshiva man has to know all these things.

So why doesn’t he take off in the evening instead of going to college, or take off from traveling to simchos where he’s not needed anyhow, and that’s when he should take his driving lessons. Oh no! He goes to college in the evening, or to a chasuna, and from there he doesn’t even think about taking off time to learn driving. Only when it comes bein hazmanim and now there’s time for all of these other Torah lessons that he doesn’t have time for during the year, that’s when he wants to make time for driving lessons.

There are a lot of things you need to learn in this world. And bein hazmanim is a wonderful opportunity for you to make progress in these areas. There’s a lot you have to chazer, a lot you have to accomplish. Now, if driving lessons are  important for you – that depends on your situation – then why not? Along with all the other things you’ll learn during bein hazmanim, you can learn to drive as well.
TAPE # 165 (April 1976)

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