Rav Avigdor Miller on Eating Nosh

Is it permitted to eat superfluous sweets even if I’m not hungry just for sake of getting some enjoyment? 

There’s a sefer called Shevet Mussar, a very strict sefer. He talks about onshim, punishments. It’s a very severe sefer, the Shevet Mussar. And yet, the Shevet Mussar makes a statement as follows. In case a person needs yishuv haleiv, to gain some calmness of the mind, it’s mutar to take walks in parks and in gardens. That’s what he says there. He gives his permission to take walks in parks and gardens to gain yishuv halev.

And therefore, we’ll say the same thing over here. If people are down, and they take a nosh just to pick up their spirits, so they’re justified. But when you’re not depressed, and you’re just doing it for nothing at all, then it’s no mitzvah because you’re becoming enslaved to the habits of passion. So it depends what the kavanah is.
TAPE # E-44