Does it become more difficult for a person to get along with others when he gets older? And if yes, why?


It depends. זקני תלמידי חכמים כל זמן שמזקינין דעתם מתיישבת עליהם – Elderly Torah sages, we’re talking true Torah sages, the older they get, the more their minds improve. But זקני עם הארץ כל זמן שמזקינין דעתן מטורפת עליהן – ignorant people, the older they get, they become more and more confused. And that makes it more difficult to get along with them.

Why?  Because the old sage has already learned all the maneuvers of dealing with people.  It’s smooth.  It’s polished already.  He’s in the groove.  He knows how to deal with you.  He knows how to deal with the yetzer hara and he doesn’t fall a prey to its  tricks.  But an old am ha’aretz who always has been giving way to the yetzer, so he never learned the tricks of the yetzer hara. And so the older he gets, the more he becomes enslaved to the yetzer hara – he never learned the tricks of how to deal with people properly. And that’s why it’s more difficult to get along with him.

TAPE # 53

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