Should Jews believe in UFOs, in unidentified flying objects?


And the answer is that this is not a Jewish question.  Because if anybody will ask, “Should I believe it?” the answer is no.  You believe in it only when it’s proven.

It could be there are unidentified objects, but if they are floating around, if they’re manufactured objects, then they come from someplace on this earth.  There’s no question that somebody on this earth has released them.

No objects that are fashioned by intelligence are coming from any other place in space.  There are no thinking, intelligent beings in space.  You can bet your pants on that.  

Now, I’m willing to wager also that there is no life at all in space anywhere. But that’s not a principle of the emunah to say that.  If you want to believe there are certain species of elephants someplace in space, go ahead.  But no men or no thinking beings are anywhere in space.  And it’s as silly as could be to think otherwise.

Even according to the evolutionists, the way they say, man is, chas v’shalom, the result of an unimaginable lucky accident.  Billions, trillions of lucky accidents coincided, they say, to make man.  So you’re going to say the same number of lucky accidents happened another time in the history of the world?  That’s the lunacy of the science fiction writers.

So you can be sure there’ll never be anything like a visitor from outer space.  If he does come, he already was on this earth first.  

TAPE # 340 (December 1980)

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