Rav Avigdor Miller on Equal Rights, Affirmative Action and Black Lives Matter

Is there anything wrong with the African American community striving for equality? Didn’t we Jews also try to do the same?

No, there’s nothing wrong with that at all. The African Americans have the right to strive for equality. There’s no question that everyone has the right to better himself and his place in society. Our claim is only that you must make this attempt for equality by legal means – not by power and not by force. We Jews – whatever we gained was not gained by forcing. It was not gained by burning down cities.

And we also did not request any privileges. The most we wanted was equality. But that we should be offered privileges above the rest of the population never entered our minds. Affirmative action?! Affirmative action – that’s one of the euphemistic names of a policy that is used to camouflage a movement that is intended to give privileges to them more than to others. Affirmative action means to give jobs and other privileges only to them – even when it means discriminating against more qualified people. And open admission to schools means to allow anyone to enter, even though that person is not qualified. And the qualified fellow loses out. Such things are absolutely unfair. And that is what is wrong in the present struggle for control of public office. The politicians who support these unfair and wrong policies, in order to placate the vandals who are burning down cities, are a danger to all of us.

TAPE # 62