It states that when a man comes to the next world, they’re going to ask him, “Pilpata bechochmah? Did you engage in pilpul of chochmah, in discussing the fine points of Torah wisdom?”
Does that mean everyone is going to be asked that question?


You have to know that this question is going to be asked of every ignoramus. Every am ha’aretz will have to answer that question.  And that’s because every man has the opportunity to become something.

Now, women who didn’t learn pilpul of Torah will be asked, “Did you see to it that your husband studied enough to be capable of answering such questions?” She has to spur her husband to continue to make progress in learning. And every man should feel that he has to be capable of understanding things more and more deeply. Now, of course there’s no end to how much Torah you could learn but at least to make steps in that direction; everybody should make steps. 

So therefore when the time will come when you will be asked before the great tribunal of heaven, “Pilpalta bechochmah? Did you discuss fine points in Talmud learning?” so you’ll say, “Hakodosh Boruch Hu, I must admit I wasn’t able to do that but I was on the way already.  If You had let me live a little longer, I might have made it.  Let’s say fifty more years, sixty more years, so I might have made it. It could be I would have made it.” But if you didn’t make the first step in that direction then you have no alibi.  If you’re going in the opposite direction surely you have no alibi.  So only people who are attempting to learn will be able to answer that question.

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