How can one know if the outside world is affecting him?


I’m telling you right now – it’s affecting you. It’s taking place this minute. You are affected by the secular environment, no doubt about it.



Yes, I know. I’m asking about myself. But in what ways am I being affected?


In many ways. In every way. Don’t fool yourself. It’s happening in every part of your life. Every one of us is being affected in so many ways. And that’s why we have to fight back in every way possible.

One of the ways of fighting back is to keep your eyes in the Gemara. Live in the Gemara. Live in Mussar seforim. If your eyes are always there you’ll be living in a different world altogether. As much as possible you must take your mind out of the gentile world.

The first step is to be aware. You have to know that the gentile world, the gentile culture, the gentile ideas and ideals are impinging on the mind of every one of us. And you must fight back in any way that you can – always and forever.

TAPE #E-257

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