I’m a regular, simple Jew who sees that sometimes there are disputes between gedolim or between various groups of Jews. How should I react when, let’s say, I see this gadol having a machlokes with that gadol or this group of Jews having a machlokes with another group of Jews?


You reaction should be to not react at all. Stay out of it. It’s none of your business. You’re not a gadol, so just keep your mouth closed.

Now, if it’s a matter of fighting resha’im and apikorsim, then that’s a different story altogether. None of us, even us simple people, can be a silent when we see what the Reformers are doing. These resha’im say that when a Jew marries a shiksa without converting her, the children are Jews! They are destroying the Jewish people in so many ways, so those are the Jews we can fight against. Here you have a “Rabbi” who says you can be a good Jew, a Jew in good standing, even if you work on Shabbos. Him we have to fight. We have to speak up, no question about it. Or if you have a Jew who is not a מאמין, a believer, in the Torah. Even though he might keep everything, but he doesn’t believe in the words of the Torah, or in the words of the תורה שבעל פה, the Oral law, then certainly you must go against him. Certainly you’ll have to make a stand for Hashem.

But when frum Jews are fighting, we stay out of it. Don’t be the fool who opens his mouth. Just stay out of it. Keep far away! That’s the only safe way.

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