Why do you criticize the homosexuals for trying to attract little yeshivah boys any more than you would criticize heterosexuals for attracting little yeshivah girls?  Aren’t there perverts in both camps?


Question; why don’t we criticize heterosexual rapists and so on? And the answer is that society itself is criticizing them.  They’re being harassed by the laws and they cannot preach.  They don’t preach that they want to seduce little girls without their parent’s consent.  Nobody is even thinking of passing such laws.  But you know every year there’s a gay parade.  A gay parade.  And Reb Koch alav hashnubbel is always there leading that parade.  Now in that parade there is a section called NAMBLA, the North American Man Boy Love Association; it’s a big section of the parade.  A man with a little boy on his arm. A man with a little boy on his arm! A whole crowd! So they’re saying openly, “That’s our goal.” And they say, “We want to pass a law that any child over five does not need his parent’s consent in order to fall in love with us.”  That’s an open statement of that group.

Now Mr. Koch, such a nice gentleman like you who’s you’re fighting for gay rights but at least speak up against NAMBLA; at least speak up against the man-boys! But not one word was ever said by Koch against them. Every year they’re accepted as part of the parade.  Which means, that’s part of the program!  

So therefore these people are a threat.  They’re doing it already.  They’re doing it already! The 150,000 children that were abducted this year, where do you think a lot of them went?  They didn’t go to convents and monasteries.  It’s well known that a lot of them were abducted by the gays. And therefore they are a real and present danger.  Whereas rapists, certainly they’re prosecuted.  Certainly the general public is against them.  Nobody is passing any rapist-rights laws.  But NAMBLA wants to seduce boys without their parents’ consent and therefore they are a very big danger to us and we have to fight tooth and nail against them.

TAPE # 445 (February 1983)

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