It says that גדול העונה אמן יותר מן המברך, that the one that says amen to a bracha is bigger than the one who makes the bracha (Brachos 53b). Why is that?


When somebody else makes a bracha, it’s a bother for you. He is matriach you to say amen. It was his idea; he’s the one who wants to make a bracha after all, and he’s forcing your hand; now you have to say amen to his bracha So you’re thinking, “Why didn’t he make the bracha quietly? He shouldn’t bother me to answer amen!” So you’re somewhat annoyed. But no! You are misgaber al yitzricha, you overcome your yetzer, and you say, “He made a bracha, and I want to join in with him and participate in praising Hashem.” You’re misgaber and you say, ‘I’m joining in; I’ll say amen.”

So now, in a certain sense, you’re bigger than he is. He did what he wanted to do; and you’re joining along and doing what he wanted. And that’s why you get more reward. And therefore, when you see someone doing something good, although he began it, don’t say, “Well, let him do it, I won’t help.” No, if he’s doing something good, join in, and you’ll be mightily rewarded. Because when a person is koivesh es yitzro, so he is bigger than the one who started out and is doing his own will.
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