Is there a way for a regular person to fill his mind with דעת ה׳?


The answer is, that’s what we’re talking about right now. That’s what these lectures are for.

Of course, if a person is capable of learning ספרים  that teach דעת ה׳, then by all means, I would recommend מסילת ישרים  and חובות הלבבות  and שערי תשובה. There may be other ספרים  that you like. But when a person learns these ספרים – not just to read them, but he thinks into them – they are going to transform his character. You become a new person. דעת ה׳  transforms you into a new person completely.

You won’t grow in דעת ה׳ – in developing a Torah mind – from reading newspapers and magazines and all the garbage that everyone is busy reading. You’ll only fill your mind with the opposite of דעת ה׳. So make a decision that you’re finished with reading things that only fill up your mind with empty ideas – at best it’s empty ideas. And start filling your mind with ideas of the מסילת ישרים  and the חובות הלבבות  and the שערי תשובה  and all the other  ספרים that can make you great.

It’s amazing what an influence these ספרים  have had on our people. And that’s one of the ways of gaining דעת ה׳.

TAPE # E-179

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