Why is it that Hashem is referred to as “He” or “Him”? Why don’t we say “She” or “Her”?


Because we’re not completely meshuga yet. We didn’t get there just yet.

Look; here’s a man and he has a beard. A woman has no beard, right? You’ve see many women in your life and you’re yet to see a woman with a beard. And a man is taller than a woman. A woman is the shorter of the two. That’s how Hashem made this world; the man is the more powerful. He’s stronger, bigger, and he instills more fear.

So, if you’re going to choose a model, a model for one who’s in charge of the world, are you going to choose the model of a soft, sweet woman?! Isn’t that being ridiculous?!

And that’s why we have a government today that takes our money to pay women to be policewoman. Because people are stupid. People are ridiculous. I’m walking down Kings Highway, and here’s a policeman, six feet high, and standing next to him is a policewoman who is up to his belly-button! It’s a joke, a waste of our money. It’s just liberal window-dressing that costs us money for nothing.

The whole idea of elevating women to places of power, is nothing but the insanity of the liberals. Women are dignified and are to be honored and the Jewish women are a treasure; they are the foundation of our nation. But do they represent strength and power and control? Does the woman signify might?! And therefore, there is no question that when you speak of Hakodosh Boruch Hu, we speak of Him as a man.

TAPE # 990 (December 1994)

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