The Rav mentioned that decent gentiles are a blessing to the world.  Can the Rav give some specific examples?


Yes. Thomas Edison is a blessing to the world. He gave us electric lights and we appreciate that very much.  Now, we’re not going to thank him because we know that Hakodosh Boruch Hu gave him the idea. The Chovos Halevavos says that; in his Sha’ar Habechina he says we have to thank Hashem for all the inventions. Hashem is the one who made the inventions and He’s the one we should thank every time we use the electric light. But still, Thomas Edison was a shaliach by whom the gift came to us and we appreciate him for that.  We appreciate it.  

Benjamin Franklin was also a blessing to the world. He wasn’t a tzaddik by the way; he was very far from being a tzaddik.  I can tell you stories about Benjamin Franklin! But he made some good statements.  He made some good statements that are useful today. Even today, we use some of his sayings.  There’s a certain chochma among umos ha’olam that we can use. We can benefit from some of them. And therefore, we are grateful for that.  Whatever a good goy did for us, we appreciate it. 

There are other good goyim I could mention, but I don’t want to spend time talking about goyim. But there are examples. And even though they are all sent by Hakodosh Boruch Hu, no question about that, but גם חרבונה זכור לטוב – Charvona is also mentioned for good. Some say he was Eliyahu Hanavi, but even so, he took the tzurah of Charvona.  He looked liked Charvona and therefore, zachor latov. So a good goy is zachor latov.

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