The Rav began by saying that everything that happens in the world is for a purpose, that it’s not just by chance and that we should learn a mussar haskel.  But if someone sees something or notices something and he thinks he’s deriving a lesson from it how does he know that whatever he’s deriving is the right lesson?


The question being asked is that if things that happen in the world or things that exist in the world are for the purpose of lessons then how can everyone who tries to learn from these lessons be sure that he’s learning the right kind of lessons?

And the answer is a person should try. He should make the attempt. And the principle is that בדרך שאדם רוצה ללכת מוליכין אותו – the way that a man wants to go, Hashem helps him and gives him success.  So if he tries, he’ll have some success.  No question about it.  

So if a person tries to do something good and learn the darkei Hashem from what he sees in nature or from the events that take place in the world then even if he makes an error it will never be serious enough because Hakadosh Baruch Hu knows his intentions are good and more or less he’ll succeed.  More or less he will succeed.

TAPE # 906

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