For what reason do the Nevi’im tell us about the war of Gog U’Magog in the times before Moshiach comes? What benefit do we have from this knowledge?



The Nevi’im want us to know that the forces of evil are very powerful in this world and that they will never yield to us easily. And to let us know that even when the time for the ge’ulah comes, at that time these forces are going to exert themselves to the utmost to prevent the ge’ulah. Why? Because the ge’ulah is going to be the beginning of a period of great happiness when everybody will recognize Hashem. And therefore, at that time, our enemies will attempt their utmost to stop the ge’ulah and this true recognition of Hashem.

And the Nevi’im want us to know this, so that we should be aware, that in this world – right now too – the yetzer ha’rah is doing its best to stop us. And we have to know, that we have to fight back and that we are in this world to resist.

Our success depends on our achievements in this area and we have to make sure that we never desist, never weaken, in this area of avodas Hashem, no matter how many foolish opponents we have and no matter how strong they appear to be.


TAPE #E-255

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