When should a boy be encouraged to go to an out-of-town yeshiva?


דביש ליה בהאי מתא ליזיל למתא אחרינא – If it’s not good in this place, then you go someplace else.  

But suppose he’s succeeding in a yeshiva right next to his house; if he’s learning well, why should he look for someplace else?

It’s only if he needs for some reason to look for a different rebbe.  Sometimes there’s a very good rebbe in a certain yeshiva that can help him succeed. I want to tell you this – very good rebbes are infrequent.  If you can find a very good baal masbir, he’s a diamond! And it pays to go even to other continents to learn in his yeshiva.  

But the question is, is it so?  You have to know that it’s true.  A good rebbe is a diamond.  It’s very hard to find excellent rebbes of the top caliber.  

TAPE # E-1 (February 1995)

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