Why don’t you ever mention the source of your ideas, whether they come from Rav Simcha Zissel or from Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel of Slabodka or from Rav Isaac Sher?


The answer is that I don’t want to burden these great men with my faulty expressions or my faulty explanations. Sometimes I might not say things correctly so why should I blame them?  But more or less the ideas originate from these great men and from Chovos Halevavos and other sefarim.  Only it’s like the rain.  The rain comes down into the earth and it gets lost.   After a while it comes out someplace as a stream and the stream prides itself that it’s the originator of fresh water.  You forget that it’s really rain, that actually it all came from the rain that fell down someplace.  And so whatever you hear in this place was said by some great men only I forgot the source. And the wrong things were said by me.

TAPE # 314 (May 1980)

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