Since you say that we have to thank Hashem for all the kindnesses He gives us in this world is there anything that Hashem can do in this world, that is not kind, that is wicked. And if so, what?


Can Hashem do anything that is not kind? And the answer is that He can do something that’s not kind only when He decides that a certain person must be destroyed. Yes. Sometimes Hakodosh Boruch Hu takes nekamah. קל נקמות השם. Yes, He takes revenge on certain wicked people in this world, and certainly when He takes revenge in the World-to-Come that is not a kindness to them. But that unkindness, you must know, is really the essence of kindness. It’s kindness to those who deserve it. Now pay attention.

The kindness that Hashem does to the righteous people will never be complete unless Hakodosh Boruch Hu metes out punishment to the wicked. The punishment, the retribution on the wicked, is part of the reward of the righteous. 

The righteous know, they are fully aware, that the man who did something wrong cannot get away with it. That’s essential in the plan of a rational universe. To say that a man can be wicked and get away with it, that’s impossible. And it’s not enough to say that he doesn’t get Olam Haba, that he doesn’t go to the happiness of the next world. That’s not enough. It’s against all logic. And it’s against all human feeling to allow him to leave this world without retribution. 

And therefore, anything that Hashem does, it’s called דרכי ה’ חסד ואמת but it’s not always chesed and emes to the person who is getting the treatment. When Pharaoh was drowning with his army in the Yam Suf, it was a great joy – but not to him. It was אז ישיר משה ובני ישראל. It was a joy to them. 

So certainly Hashem does only kindness, but kindness means to those who deserve the kindness. To the others it could be retribution. But even then, it’s a kindness to the righteous who are aware of the retribution on the wicked.

TAPE # 470

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