How could it be that Hashem who is טוב ומטיב – He’s the Good One who does only good – how could He punish people forever and ever in the Next World?


The answer is הטיבה ה’ לטובים – “Hashem, do good to the good people”. The world is made for good people and Hashem won’t do good for the wicked when it’s not good for the good people. And the good people have to learn that Hashem does justice; that’s part of the perfection of the good people to know that Hashem is perfectly just. And there’s no such a thing as justice if the reshaim will finally be exonerated from their sins and given peace from their punishments.

So when Hashem punishes the wicked that’s called rachamim – it’s rachamim on the righteous. That makes the righteous better people because they acquire daas by means of of that. Make no mistake about it. We’re learning from the newspapers to be liberal and kindhearted to the reshaim. No. לא תחוס עינך – Your eyes should have no pity on the wicked. And in the Next World Hashem is the one who shows you that there’s no such thing as pity on the wicked. You want pity? Use your free will in this world for good things. Don’t wait for the next world. It’ll be too late. The time to get pity is right now while you’re still alive.
TAPE # E-268

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