Rav Avigdor Miller on Healing Emotional Instability 



What can be done about emotional instability? 


There are two kinds emotional instability. If a person is pashut meshuga, if he’s crazy, then he needs special treatment. I can’t tell you right now what to do about that. But if a person is still sane but is unstable emotionally, he must practice – he must take himself in hand and practice happiness. The antidote for every kind of emotional disturbance is happiness. You must learn how to be happy in life! It’s so important!

And how do you do that? The first thing, the emergency fix, is start singing. Sing; not in your heart, sing aloud. If necessary, put a bottle of something on the table. And then take a sip from the bottle and sing. Sing a little more and then another sip. If you can do it without alcohol, good. If not, let it be alcohol. But sip and drink, sip and sing. Once you start singing then things will start responding within you. You’ll be singing inside of you. החיצוניות מעוררת את הפנימיות, your outward actions awakens your inside. Of course, there are better ways than that, but this is an emergency. Learn how to sing in this world. Learn how to sing about the thousands of things that you really are enjoying. And once a person gets the attitude of being happy, then all emotional instability will disappear. Emotional instability is nothing but a sign of unhappiness in one form or another. Happiness is the antidote for emotional instability! Unless somebody has gone insane. That’s a different story.
TAPE # 490 (January 1984)