How could you say that Jews should avoid doing military service in Israel if there are millions of Jews who need to be protected?


Oh, this is a harking back to an old discussion. So in case you’re a Zionist, keep your blood pressure down because I’m not going to spare you anything. However, you don’t have to accept what I’m telling you – but I’m not going to accept what you’re saying.

So, I’ll ask this gentleman here, the questioner, what’s he doing here? Why is he a slacker?! There are millions of Jews who have to be protected – let him go and sign up. The answer is, you have your reasons. You think, maybe, that right now you want to study here and become a physician and eventually you’ll go there and you’ll help them out in that way. So, you have an idea to help the people there in a different way; not by putting on a uniform right now. That’s your idea of helping them; it sounds reasonable.

So, we also have ideas of how to help the people in Eretz Yisroel. And one idea is to send a lot of money to the yeshivos, to poor talmidei chachomim. That money goes into the economy. Any money you send is going to be spent there; it’s spent in the butcher shops and in the grocery shops. It’s spent on products and you’re therefore supporting the people who work in the factories. Whatever money you send to talmidei chachomim living there goes straight into the economy. It’s very important. Believe me, if you asked the people at the head of the state, “Would you excuse about twenty or fifty or a hundred or a thousand people from the army to go to the United States and raise big sums for your economy?” so they’d gladly agree, because money is the blood of a nation. You can’t make war without money.

So, if you really want to help out, I’ll give you a list. I have a list of blue ribbon poor families who are doing a big job for Eretz Yisroel. They’re raising a lot of children. You know, there are other Jews who are not raising children. Eretz Yisroel is a country of a great deal of abortions. Authorities have said that at least a million Jewish children were aborted from the beginning of the state until a few years ago. That was years back; now it’s much more. All the while, the Arabs are having children like nobody’s business. They never had so many children before. Because the Arabs in Eretz Yisroel are getting the best medical treatment. The Arabs in Israel are increasing more than the Arabs in any other place in the world.

So how long will it take before the Jews will be outnumbered? It’s only a matter of time. Even right now there’s a big problem – the Jews are dwindling and the Arabs are snowballing. So here you have some Jews who are busy trying to equalize the population; they are the hope of the future  – the apikorsim in Tel-Aviv are not doing their part – so you should send money to them and that money goes into the lifeblood of the nation.  That’s one way of helping to defend the Am Yisroel. It’s a beautiful way of supporting the people there.

And if you want another way to help the Jews there, pay attention. You have to know השם איש מלחמה – Hashem is the one making the wars against the State of Israel. Now, of course they wouldn’t believe that, but we do! Hakodosh Boruch Hu is the Man of War. בעל מלחמות – He makes the wars. And there are reasons why He makes wars. Do you know why He makes wars on Israel? Listen to me; but keep your blood pressure down. A man told me today that he was in Israel in 1966. He went to a movie. This is a kind of a man who’s not a shomer mitzvos. He went to a movie and he saw – now, I’ll have to wash my mouth out after I get through telling this to you – he saw movies where a certain form of toeiva was being practiced in the movie, on the screen. Now, what that means, it’s enough, I can’t tell you anymore. And it was supposed to be only for adults. It means past sixteen. Sixteen and up, that’s adults over there. But he was in places, he was in various theaters there, and this is what he told me. He told me that he saw children of five and six years old at these movies. Which means that the youth in Eretz Yisroel are being conditioned for a life of degeneracy.

The gays are planning next year an international world conference of gays in Yerushalayim. And he said that they have two synagogues of gays in Eretz Yisroel. He said three but I want to make it within the bounds of surety. And in Tel Aviv you have anything that you can find in Times Square – they’re not behind a bit.

Now, we want to save העם היושב בציון – we want to help out the Jews who live in Eretz Yisroel. We want to stop the wars; and therefore if we’re going to fight against the adverse influences there, if we’re going to exert pressure on the government that they should remedy these evils, maybe we can have a hand in protecting the Jews in Eretz Yisroel.  We want them to wipe out pornography. We want them to stop drafting girls in the army. Because girls in the army means only one thing. Like that Israeli general who wrote a book about the Israeli army. We can trust what he tells us. And he states openly that for most girls the induction into the army is their first experience in znus. For most Israeli girls the army is a house of harlotry. So now you have an institution, the Israeli army, which is one big house of prostitution and the girls are forced into it. Now that’s not my statement. It’s a statement by a general who wrote a history of the Israel Defense Forces and he makes that statement openly. He doesn’t make it in a clandestine secret way that you have to read between the lines. He says it openly. They’re not ashamed.

So we have to exert pressure because we don’t want that. Because השם אלקיך מתהלך בקרב מחניך להצילך מאויביך. It says Hashem walks in your midst to help you against your enemy. But it says ולא יראה בך ערוות דבר ושב מאחריך – If He’ll see immorality among you, so the Shechinah will depart. It means He’ll let you be defeated. So if we want to help the people in Eretz Yisroel be protected from the enemies, it’s our job to speak up and fight against all of the wickedness in the State of Israel. So, just as this young man who doesn’t go right now and put on a uniform because he wants to help them eventually by becoming a physician, so we’re also helping in our own way. It’s a very big help if you write letters and protest against what’s going on there. Of course, now there’s a better regime. Up till now there was a Marxist regime but now there’s a better regime and let’s hope that these things are going to change.

TAPE # 204 (February 1978)

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