If I don’t have a son or a grandson right now, what can I do to ensure the continuation of my family?


You can ensure the continuation of your wider family and that’s the Jewish nation – because we are all blood-kin. Whatever you can do to support the Am Yisroel in it’s service of Hakodosh Boruch Hu, you should do. It’s so important that we should continue to grow. So by working for a yeshiva, or by helping a Torah institution, you’re assuring the continuation of your family. By working for a Beis Yaakov school, by supporting the Beis Yaakov that takes in girls and teaches them to be proud, and teaches them how to be good Jewish daughters, and then good Jewish women – good Jewish mothers who have big families you’re doing the best that you can right now in your circumstance.

Of course, if you’re capable of having your own family, you surely should grab the opportunity. But everybody can participate in the big job of perpetuating the Jewish nation – and that’s by means of Torah education. Not stam education; authentic Torah education – yeshivos and Beis Yaakovs, real frum Torah education. If you’ll help raise money for them, or if you’ll induce boys and girls to go there, that’s the way you’ll assure the continuation of your family.

TAPE # 258

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