Should I put up my payos and hide my tzitzis when I go to work?


It depends.  Sometimes I would say yes.  It depends.  After all, parnassa is very important.

But many times people are unnecessarily embarrassed.  Look; here’s a Hindu, lehavdil.  A Hindu is coming in with big pants, a mile too big for him, and a big shirt, also a mile too big for him. And he’s wearing a turban too.  He’s not embarrassed!  

And how many Hindus are there around here? But lehavdil, the Jews, there are plenty of them, so we have less reason to be embarrassed.

And so in most cases it won’t harm you. However I would say that in your individual case you should consult your local rav or rebbe.  I wouldn’t tell you a general rule because parnasa is very important. Consult your local rav and rebbe if you want to know how far you should go.

TAPE # E-59 (May 1996)

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