Is it proper for a yeshivah bachur to be studying secular studies in high school?


Now, this is a question that I’m going to leave for you and your father and a talmid chacham who knows you to answer.

If it’s possible for a person to dodge any limudei chol then he should make sure to do it in a way that he won’t lose anything.  You have to have some limudei chol.  You have to know how to calculate.  You have to add and subtract.  You must have some knowledge of certain things. And that’s why I don’t want to say anything.  It depends on the circumstances.  

And the truth is many times limudei chol, if taught properly, could be a great benefit in avodas Hashem. Many times if the high school boys would be taught by the right rebbis you would be amazed at what could be.  A teacher in algebra can implant yiras Hashem in a boy and girl.  You’d be surprised.  A teacher of history, a teacher of biology, can plant seeds of emunah, no question about it. There were German schools of Orthodox Jews in Germany where they had such a system.  However, here unfortunately we don’t have that system, and therefore the subjects are not utilized properly.  

But exactly what to do in a specific situation, we have to leave that to individuals. And you must take counsel of talmidei chachamim; let’s say the rav of the shul where you daven – you should ask his advice.

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