Is it true that one who watches TV or goes to movies has no share in the World to Come?


Now, I’m not big enough to answer this question. But I want to say this – if a person is addicted to TV or addicted to movies, he should be very much afraid that he has lost his neshama.  

I’ll tell you why. What is a neshama after all? The neshama is a man’s intellectual attitude. The neshama depends on a man’s mind – the entire neshama depends on your thoughts. For instance, if a man doesn’t have emunah, if he doesn’t believe in Hashem, then his neshama is worthless; he’s finished. So you see that the neshama depends on his mind. And so, if a man has a mind that is full of the frivolities and falsehoods that are being preached and disseminated by TV and by the movies, that man is no longer connected with Hakodosh Boruch Hu.

However, there’s something more than that. The mere fact that a Jew goes to the movies already demonstrates that he has no connection to our past because all the generations of the past would despise him. That’s the plain truth – his ancestors would say, “You don’t belong to us.”  They reject him!

Not only Moshe Rabbeinu would say, “You’re not mishelanu – you’re not ours;” but even a maidservant, a shifcha, in the days of old would say that he’s not from us!  I am quoting from Josephus now. Josephus said, “Even our slaves understand that the entire purpose of a man in this world is to do virtuous acts in the eyes of Hashem.” That’s what Josephus – a politician! – testifies about our people in the time of churban bayis sheini.

So therefore, a person who goes to movies is despised by all the generations. They’re looking down upon him and they’re saying, “You don’t belong to us.” If he turns on the TV, they say, “What are you doing?  You’re not our child. You’re a stranger to us.”

You’re giving over your mind to enemies of the truth – to evolutionists, to leitzim, to immoral people, to gays, to liars – and therefore, how can you be a member of our Klal Yisroel when your mind is enslaved by them?  So therefore, there’s no question that there’s a very great peril to a person’s neshama if he engages in listening constantly to people who don’t belong to our nation; to people who are preaching the opposite of the teachings of our nation.

TAPE # 720 (January 1989)

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