A boy was insolent to his rebbi in the yeshiva. How should his parents react? 


Look, the rebbi maybe didn’t hit him, but the parents should hit him. When parents hit however, they should let the boy know that they’re doing it al pi mishpat. Here’s how they should say: “My son, you did a very big aveirah! You were insolent to the rebbi. You deserve to be hit six times. But we’re going to have pity on you and hit you only five times. It really should be one time more, so you’re getting a bargain.” So he knows it’s mishpat, not anger. And then hit him; one, two, three, four, five. And he’ll appreciate it. He’ll appreciate that. 

But if you just have a temper and without any hakdama, without any introduction, you start hitting him, so he thinks you’re an enemy of his. But here he knows you’re a dayan, you’re a shofet tzedek, a righteous judgeand you’re giving him a bargain too, less than he’s supposed to get. 
TAPE # E-39 (December 1995)

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