How can we prove that evolution is false?


That’s a good question. And the answer is, in at least a hundred thousand ways. Actually, I should say in a million ways, but I’ll just quote one at random.

Why is it that the milk of every species of mammal is exactly suited to that species?  How did it happen that cows produce the very best milk for little calves, and that donkeys produce the very best milk for little donkeys, and that whales produce the very best milk for little whales. The milk of every mammal is different and of all the numberless mammals in this world, you won’t find one that has to go to a different species in order to get better milk.

Now, the composition of milk is very complicated.  Even with our special abilities today, the laboratories cannot exactly duplicate any one kind of natural milk. There are so many components to milk, and even if they could duplicate it, each component is a complicated chemical product.  Every kind of milk is a mixture of many different ingredients, each milk, with all its components, is the very best that is needed for that species of animal.  

So how did that happen? Could an accident like that just happen even if I would grant you a billion years?  Even that just one species should produce milk suited to its own kind would be a miracle of astronomical improbability. That it should happen even once that an animal could produce milk is so far out of the realm of possibility that only a lunatic would claim such a thing – or an evolutionist.  

How could milk come into being by accident?  What is milk? Just a mixture of wastes? Just a mixture of body fluids that happen to mix and to form milk?  There’s a factory – the mammary glands; we call them milk glands – that dwarf the biggest DuPont plant in its complexity. In every cat that produces milk, the milk glands are a miracle. Not one miracle – it’s a miracle upon miracle.  But that this miracle should happen to so many different kinds of animals, and not only it happened, but it happened in exactly the right formula, in exactly the right composition, so that cats produce the best milk for kittens and rhinoceroses produce the very best milk for little rhinoceroses. That’s a planned miracle; it’s  a purposeful miracle. It’s a world-plan of miracles; it’s a master universal plan.

And therefore, anybody who will say that it’s a result of accidental mutations is indulging in wishful thinking of the most unrealistic kind. It’s only people who know nothing about the so-called process of evolution, people who think that things automatically have to turn out in the best possible way, these are the people who optimistically can walk blindly through their lives and think that evolution takes care of everything. But responsible people who have to give some plausibility to the theory, and they have to seek some method by which it operates, they are worried about how milk came into being. Worried – I’m not saying that they don’t sleep at night, but when they’re faced by such a problem – it’s a real problem for them. Milk is a real problem for the evolutionists! And therefore, it should be a problem to everybody. It’s an unsolvable problem and it can never be solved except by the understanding that there was one master chemist and designer that caused everything to come into being.

Now, I said there are millions of proofs. This is only one. We could ask such questions about everything else. Another one: How is it that that all seeds come loose when they are ripe? That’s a question that nobody could answer.  You could walk into the universities and knock them over with this question if they weren’t petrified like a stone. How is it that when the watermelon becomes ripe, it becomes loose so that when you eat the watermelon, the seeds shoot out on all sides in order to fall to the ground and to reproduce their kind? How is it that cantaloupe seeds are loose?  As you sit in your garden and you wish to eat your cantaloupes, you scoop up the insides and throw them to the earth where they’re ready to procreate. When you’re eating an apple, the seeds fall from your mouth. They’re loose already. All over the world, seeds are flying. The seeds of the maple, the seeds of all the trees are loose. Some seeds are flying with little parachutes, some are flying with wings; they’re all loose.

How did that happen that in every species the seeds become loose? Is that an accident? Unthinking people say that the seed has to be loose, that’s all. But it wasn’t loose at the beginning; it was as tight as could be. It was attached firmly. And when a seed comes loose, it’s a very complicated process.  Certain cells are formed, abscission cells, that cause the seed to gradually become loose. It takes place in a precise and carefully planned manner. There’s a mechanism there. So how is it that this perfect mechanism functions everywhere? It didn’t happen in only some watermelons! How is it that in all watermelons, the seeds become loose? In every one?!  But not only in every one of the same species, but in all the species together. That’s a miracle! And it cannot be a result of accident. That’s a plan! The plan is that there should be the next generation of these plants and that’s why the seeds are loose.  And it speaks as loudly as possible that there’s a planner with a capital P. And of such proofs, there are millions.
Tape # 40 (November 1974)

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