Someone who has a nature to come late, what’s an eitzah to improve himself?


First of all, if he comes late because he goes to sleep late and he gets up late, so the first thing is to go to sleep early.  He must get enough sleep. You must get sleep! And after a good night’s sleep, have an alarm clock to wake you up.

Now, in case it doesn’t help, make a neder. Listen to me; make a neder that the first time you’ll come late will cost you $50 for a yeshivah that you don’t like.  Just one time. Not forever. Just that the first time you come late you’ll have to make a $50 donation to the yeshiva. You’ll keep on putting off the first time.  You’re getting up in the morning for $50.  If chas v’shalom you are oiver, so it costs you $50 that week.

Then make another neder.  The first time it happens again, another $50.  Little by little I guarantee you’ll stop coming late.

TAPE # E-231

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