Rav Avigdor Miller on Ignoring Rav Avigdor Miller

What should people gain from these shiurim here? Why is it worth it to come here every Thursday night?

They should gain עצות ותחבולות. Advice about how to live life more happily and more successfully. All the words that you hear here come from the words of our great men. It’s the words of the Torah that Hakodosh Boruch Hu is teaching. It’s עצות. Good, sound advice. עצה זו תורה. The ideas found in the תורה   are the best advice for living a successful life. And really, I’m here just talking to myself. I’m trying to make myself better. But I’m letting you listen along.

And therefore, if anything comes from my own mind, then you should ignore it. But if it’s פסוקים   and ma’amarei Chazal. Or mussar seforim and words of my Rebbeim from Slobodka, then they’re diamonds – more valuable than diamonds – and I’m just handing them over to you. I’m just a שליח. They are valuable lessons and you must practice them. It’s very important that you practice living according to the עצות  of our חכמים. And if you do so, you will live successfully and accomplish what you’re in this world to accomplish.

                                                       TAPE # E-172