When a person has a feeling of unhappiness, how can he snap out of it immediately?


When a person is unhappy he snaps out of it by first of all taking a look through the window and let him see what’s going on in the street.

Here’s another party who can barely walk.  His bones are aching. You see it constantly; he can barely walk.  It hurts him to move his thighs because his bones as they move in the joint rub against each other.  It’s friction. He lacks the lubricating materials that other people have when the bones are supposed to move in the socket.  But his bones rub against each other.  It hurts very much.  He can barely move.

Immediately he should think, “How lucky I am!  Suppose he could have the same feelings that I have right now in my bones, what would he think? Would he be in a state of discouragement?”

Here’s a man with a white cane walking in the street, tapping his way.  If he could get even one eye back, would he feel discouraged?  Immediately he’d jump up and down.  He’d throw away his cane and he’d shout in happiness.

And you’re able to walk without a cane and your bones don’t hurt when you walk, so you should shout in happiness right now.

All you need is to see what’s going on in the world.  The world is full of people whom Hakodosh Boruch Hu has maimed and one of the purposes of that is so that the others should look at them and see how fortunate they are that they are able to function perfectly.

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