What should the thoughts of a person be when he finishes a mesechta of gemara?


When a person finishes a mesechta of gemara, he should feel intense joy. Not just joy – intense joy! And after that, intense responsibility. You learned a mesechta, so now you make sure to begin reviewing it. Otherwise it’ll go lost. And the next time you see it, it’ll be like a brand new gemara. You learned a mesechta; review it again and again and again and again. Lock it in. It’s like a person giving you money. If I would give you money, would you just leave it on your front steps?! You want to just leave it to get lost?! 

So therefore, when you finish learning something, when you complete a limud, you should feel two things: an intense joy and an intense responsibility. Make sure to chazerchazerchazer. Always review what you learned and lock it in.

It’s such a tragedy to forget. So you have two attitudes. Number one is boruch Hashem, I learned a mesechta! That’s a tremendous happiness. And it’s also a tremendous responsibility. That’s number two. It’s a tremendous responsibility. When a child is born to you, it’s a big simcha, yes? Are you going to leave that child on the doorstep?!
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