Rav Avigdor Miller on Inviting the Intermarried Couple 

Is it proper to invite an intermarried couple to a meal for Shabbos in order to maybe be mikareiv them?

A mixed couple?! Absolutely not! No; you should not give their relationship any formal recognition by inviting them to a seudah as a couple. No. Absolutely not. No such thing! That would already be a concession, and it would mean that you are yielding to the wickedness of the times.

But you could do this. You should order a subscription to the Jewish Press and and have it  mailed to them every week. That might have a good effect on them. You want to buy a different newspaper for them? Okay. Every week the newspaper will come to their door. That’s what you should do.

Or if you wish you can invite them to your home when there are no children around. Only when there are no children around. And you can talk to them. Maybe you can accomplish something. But don’t bring them into your home in any official manner and give them that recognition. No. You must always remember to make a protest – an open demonstration protest – against the wickedness of intermarriage. Intermarriage is worse than death. It’s worse than a thousand deaths.
TAPE # E-234 (May 2000)