Should one participate with the Jewish organizations that are pursuing the fight against antisemitism in America?


Let me tell you something. I won’t mention which one, but there’s a certain organization – a wealthy organization – that fights antisemitism. But they also fight for the rights of blacks and for the rights of gays and for everybody else. What business does a Jewish organization have fighting for the gays?! That’s a Jewish organization?! They fight for the right to make abortions. Anybody who wants an abortion should have that right, they say, no questions asked. They say, “We fight for rights. We fight for everybody’s rights.” In order to show that they’re not selfish they say, “We don’t only fight for Jewish rights. We fight for other people’s rights too. Women want abortions, let them have abortions too. Men want to marry men, let them get married.” Freedom! Freedom! Freedom to do whatever you want. That’s a Jewish organization?! An organization that fights for things that are disgusting in the eyes of Hakodosh Boruch Hu is a Jewish organization?!

And these people are spending money, large sums of money to fight for things that are repugnant to Hashem. One of these organizations that fights antisemitism recently gave $186,000 to the gay synagogue. Yes, in the fight against antisemitism they gave a $186,000 grant to the gay synagogue. To a yeshiva they wouldn’t give!

It’s a waste of money to participate in any of these organizations. Most of them are headed by people with no minds at all – fools who don’t know what they’re doing.
TAPE # E-169 (November 1998)

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