Is American Judaism on the rise or on the way down? 


Both. The frum Jews from the yeshiva circles, or those who are close to yeshiva circles, are on the way up today. It’s definite. Baruch Hashem we’re proud of them. They’re doing things that their mothers and fathers, that their grandfathers and grandmothers didn’t do. I was in Europe. Their grandfathers weren’t as good as the frum yeshiva circles are today.

Other Jews however, are not only on their way down, but they’re speeding downhill. They’re being ruined a mile a minute. It’s a tragedy of tragedies what’s happening  to the American Jewish community. They’re dying out and not having any children. And those who do have children, the boys are bums, the girls are tramps. It’s a tragedy of tragedies. So the question really is which one outweighs the other? We hope to Hakadosh Baruch Hu that in the course of time the baalei teshuva movement and the yeshiva movement should gather momentum until they can outweigh the losses we’re suffering from the others.
TAPE # 555 (June 1985)

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