Rav Avigdor Miller on July 4th and the Wicked Liberals

Should we celebrate July 4th?

Well, that depends on what you mean by celebrate. Should you stop your learning to make a barbecue? I don’t think that you should celebrate that way. No; there’s no reason for that. But we hang out the American flag from this Shul on July 4th. Walk down Ocean Parkway; no flags. But here, we hang out the flag.

Today, when so many meshuga’im are trying to desecrate the American flag, and when the wicked courts and the wicked Supreme Court, have sanctioned the desecration of the flag by ruling that burning the flag is not a crime anymore; so we have to show that we appreciate Hashem’s gift to us. America is a great gift, and I say that every Jew today should hang out a flag on the 4th of July. Even if it’s just להכעיס, just to show the liberals, to show the רשעים, that we do appreciate America.

The foolish liberals are always trying to tell us that everywhere else is better; Only here in America it’s no good. In Kent, Ohio, the National Guard shot down four students some years back when they were protesting. What a terrible fuss the liberals made here in America. But in Beijing, in China, when the Communists shot dead two hundred students, they didn’t say a word about it. What’s done by Communists is perfectly alright. In America, these liberal bums were ruining the campuses. They were bums and they deserved to be shot; no question about it! I sent a letter to the government congratulating them.

You have to know that the liberals and the leftists are ruining America. They are wicked people and wickedness has no calculations. They do things only because of wickedness, and therefore we should do the opposite. They want to destroy the moral fabric of America and the least we can do is show that we appreciate the great gift of America. I say that we should hang out the flag; no question about it.
                                                   TAPE #792