Rav Avigdor Miller on Keeping Secrets from the Gentiles

You are constantly speaking about the fact that we are the chosen people and that Hashem loves us more than anyone else. Don’t you think that this idea is only going to cause more hostility from the gentiles?

What I tell you here is for home consumption. For you, your family and your friends who want the truth and want to grow great. Outside, we’re polite of course. Always polite. And we’re not going to attribute any inferiority to them in public. We’re not going to say that they are unjustified in their religions; no, we will never say that. It’s common sense that we don’t hurt other people’s feelings.

You have to always keep in mind that our job is to remind ourselves of these great teachings. We’re not here to teach the world. We’re here to teach ourselves. Take these great ideas and repeat them to yourselves, again and again and again. The more you impress this important principle of our nation’s greatness onto your mind, the greater you will become. So get busy speaking to yourself and you don’t have to look for trouble by letting the gentiles know what you are thinking.

Now, sometimes we might encounter a non-Jew who is willing to listen; he wants to hear. To him we can reveal the truth and sometimes he might become a גר צדק, a righteous gentile. But in general, certainly we’re not going to hurt other people’s feelings by telling them that they are inferior to us.

 TAPE #644