How should a private Jew react to the disputes between the Gedolim, or to the disputes between groups of Jews in Klal Yisroel? Let’s say that this gadol has a machlokes with another gadol. Or a certain group of Jews are in machlokes with another group of Jews. How should I react?


Stay out of it. Keep far away, so that you don’t get burned. It’s none of your business. You’re not a gadol, so stay out of it.

Now, if it’s a matter of fighting against רשעים and אפיקורסים, that’s a different story. None of us can remain silent when we see what the Reformers are doing. When the Reformers say that when a Jew marries a shiksa without converting her, the children are Jews; there we should be fighting them. If a Jew says that you can be a good Jew and still work on Shabbos, then we fight him. If someone is fighting against Hashem, against the Torah, that’s when it’s time to open your mouth. There are times that you have to speak up, no question about it.

But when frum Jews are fighting, we stay out of it. That’s the only safe way. It’s a tragic mistake to mix in because opening your mouth is playing with fire. And not just any fire. Many people have found their way into the fire of Gehenim, because they were foolish enough to open their mouths. There are many people, many good people, who are screaming in Gehenim right now, because they opened their big mouths. So why would you want to make the same mistake they did?!

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