How can we do our part in bringing secular Jews back to Yiddishkeit?


Well, I’ll mention one or two ways, but there are more than that. One way, is to buy that person a subscription to a frum newspaper. It will come every week or every month to his house. It’s propaganda. Look, you can’t always go over there to talk to him. But the newspaper will be delivered to him and he’ll read it every week and it will have an influence. That’s a very important idea, by the way. It’s a very good piece of advice that you’re hearing right now. It costs a little money, but if you really mean business, if you want to help somebody become a בעל תשובה, get him a subscription to some frum newspaper. Which one, I won’t tell you. You’ll have to use your own judgement. And it’ll come to his house. If it’s a person who doesn’t know anything but English, then it will have to be an English frum newspaper. It will come to his house and little by little, he might be influenced. That’s one way, but there are other ways too.

Another way is if you can invite him to your house for a סעודה  once in a while. It’s important sometimes to be מקרב  people in that way, but you have to be careful that he shouldn’t have any influence on your house. He shouldn’t open a big mouth and talk. If he sits respectfully and participates and listens, then he can become a מושפע in the course of time, and it’s worth trying that as well. Definitely. But you must know that your children, your family and yourself are most important. So don’t do it, if it will have any sort of negative influence on your own home.

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