Does the Rav think we could be doing more to bring our fellow Jews back to Judaism? How responsible are we for this?


And the answer is that this is the biggest worry we have today. Our biggest worry is what are we going to answer to הקדוש ברוך הוא when he asks us, “What did you do for others?” It’s a very big worry of mine.

Now, if you support the Yeshivas, you should know that you are doing something. That’s already a good answer. The Yeshivas are doing the job for you. And not just your children. The Yeshivas are raising the children of כלל ישראל. So let’s say they come to you and they ask you to support the Yeshivas, you should know that with that, you have a chance to be able to answer the מלאך at the entrance to גן עדן. You will say, “I supported those who were spreading Torah among the Jewish nation.” If it wasn’t for the Yeshivas, do you know what would be?!

Therefore, helping all the מוסדות התורה is so important. Girls schools, the Bais Yaakovs. It’s very important to help the girls’ schools. All the institutions where our children are growing up בדרך התורה, that’s our answer. That’s our answer. Mothers and fathers are putting in tremendous effort into raising their children בדרך התורה. It’s not easy. And it costs – it costs a lot of money. So that’s our answer.

Of course, it’s not the only answer. But it is a very big answer. So support the מוסדות התורה as much as you’re able to because they are doing the job that we’re supposed to be doing. You can go out on the street and hand out fliers to people. Fliers about Hashem and doing תשובה. But you’re embarrassed to do it. You’re ashamed to do it. There are many good thing that you can do. But you’re not doing it. But the Yeshivas are doing it. And therefore, make sure to support them in their very great endeavor.
TAPE # 613

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