What is meant when it says about one of our kings that ויגבה ליבו בדרכי השם, that his mind was proud in the ways of Hashem (Divrei Hayamim 2 17:6)? Isn’t ga’avah wrong? 


About Yehoshafat it says that “his heart was elevated in the ways of Hashem.” It means this: Everyone should be ambitious. When it comes to walking in the darkei Hashem, perfection in His service, everyone should be selfish and should try to get as much as he or she can out of this world. Don’t be generous and say, “I have enough.” No; grab all you that you can of shleimus. Grab as much perfection as you can in this world. Try to learn as much gemara as you can, as much lomdus as you can get. Try to aquire as much da’as, as much emunah as you can get. Never be satisfied.

ויגבה ליבו – “I know that I am so important and therefore I want to become very great.” Try your best to become the greatest man in the world. Is it right to think such a thought? Yes! Absolutely! “I am trying my best. I only have one chance. I’ll never come back again with bechira, with free will and therefore I’m going to be the best that I can.”  ויגבה ליבו means that a person has to feel a pride when walking in the ways of Hashem. He hopes to make something out of himself. It’s not that he is proud of what he did; he has a pride in his capabilities and his opportunities to serve Hashem – and he wants to do.  That’s ויגבה ליבו – the desire to make himself greater and greater. Everybody should be ambitious to achieve the most he can in this world. 
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