Is a menahel of a mesivta obligated to exercise censorship over his English teachers?


Is a menahel of a yeshiva obligated to exercise jurisdiction and censorship over the English teachers? There’s no question that he is! It’s like saying, is the menahel of a yeshiva obligated to see that the yeshiva dining room is kosher? Would that be a question?

Now, the dining room is less important than the English department because the tarfus, the treifus that can be served by teachers in the secular department can be much worse than treifus served in the dining room.  

And let’s say somebody will come and say, “I know that the cook didn’t salt the meat, she served unsalted meat,” so can the rosh yeshiva say, “Look, it’s not my department.  I don’t deal with the kitchen”?!

So you say to him, “Don’t you say shiurim on Mesichta Chullin?” Some places they do; or at least they should. So if you say shiurim on Chullin and hilchos melicha, so what about practicing it? Do you practice what you preach?  

And since salting meat is certainly less important than teaching evolution – salting the meat is only a d’rabanan.  Dam sh’bishlo is only a d’rabanan. And still, people understand if they cook meat in the yeshiva kitchen without salting, there’ll be a scandal.  There’ll be an explosion. The rosh yeshiva should run into the dining room with a broom and start giving it to the cook and drive her out – hit her over the head and drive her out.

So he should do the same thing to the English teachers who teach evolution or say other things of apikorsus. He should rush into the high school department with a broom and start banging them over the head and throwing them out. Certainly it’s his responsibility.
TAPE # 245

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