Rav Avigdor Miller on Kosher Revenge

If Hashem is the epitome chesed v’emes, why does there have to be nekama from the resha’im? Is that chesed?

Suppose someone would tell you that forest fires are a big benefit for the world.
Now, you know that many forests are destroyed by forest fires. Thousands and thousands of trees are destroyed. It’s a tragedy. So how is it a benefit?But you should know that many of these trees are actually nests full of all kinds of germs and decay. And these diseases spread to other trees. But when the forest fire comes, it burns down all these trees – with their germs – and makes the forest floor clean again. And now, when the new trees grow, they grow without infection and disease. Every forest fire cleans the soil to allow new trees to grow – trees that are pure without any kind of disease.

So too, Hashem wants to get rid of the resha’im because he wants to help the tzadikim. After all this world is not made for anybody but for the righteous people. And we have to rid ourselves of the resha’im. When we get rid of the resha’im it is easier to live a life of kedusha. And therefore, it is chesed v’emes. What do you want?! You want chesed v’emes for Haman?! That’s what you’re asking for? You want chesed v’emes for Hitler?! That’s what you want?! The biggest chesed v’emes is that Hitler is in Gehenim right now and he’s putting on a performance every day. Every day they revive him. They make him alive again with his flesh. And his nerves. And every day they scrape the skin off him and they hang him up and they cut off pieces and pieces of him. And he screams and screams. He screams all the time. And the tzadikim sit in Gan Eden and they enjoy the music. Because now, they see that Hakodosh Boruch Hu is righteous.

Without nekama there would be no such thing as righteousness in the world. If Hashem wouldn’t take nekama would that be righteous?
And therefore nekama is a very important function of our emunah. That’s why when the Egyptians were drowning in the sea and the malachim wanted to sing shira, Hashem said, “Ma’aseh yadai toiv’im bayam, va’atem omrim shira?” – it hurts me, I created the Egyptians. Every person, every human being is a wonderful machine, a wonderful contrivance. And now they’re drowning. You can’t sing now.
How can you sing when the Mitzrim are drowning?!

But – “az yashir moshe u’vnei Yisroel”. Bnei Yisrael did sing! Because Moshe u’vnei Yisroel have to make progress in this world. And we make progress when we see the resha’im have a mapalah. And we make even more progress when we sing to Hashem in happiness about the mapalah. For the sake of our progress, it’s a mitzvah to sing at the downfall of re’shaim. That’s why it says [Brachos 9b] that Dovid Hamelech said 103 chapters of Tehillim and he didn’t say “Halleluyah” until he saw the downfall of the wicked. “Yitamu Cha’ta’im Min Ha’aretz U’resha’im Od Einam” – and only then did Dovid say – “Borchi Nafshi Es Hashem HALLELUYAH. It’s so important! In order to get the complete emunah in Hashem we must see the nekama.

Someday when the times comes for the geulah, we’re going to see such a tremendous nekama. There will be a nekama for the six million. Oh yes. I’ll explain that. Suppose that all those who participated in the killing of the six million had been killed immediately. All the Germans. And the Lithuanians and the Poles. So their children who were born subsequently would never have been born. If the murderers would have been executed like they deserved, their children wouldn’t have been born. So all their children, therefore, don’t really deserve to live. The children wouldn’t have been born anyhow if we had killed the parents. You’re aware of that, right? When you kill a goy he can’t have any more children. And if we didn’t kill the murderers for some reason, then those future generations don’t deserve to live. And there will be a nekama. Just like there is a nekama in Gehenim for the resha’im that are there, there will also be a nekama in this world as well. A tremendous nekama. “Kel Nekamos Hashem, Kel Nekomos Ho’fee’ah.” And that’s why we find so many pesukim and ma’amarei chazal that make it very clear that Hashem will take nekama from the umos ha’olam.


TAPE #E-258