Rav Avigdor Miller on Land for Peace


What can we learn from the desecration of Kever Yosef by the Arabs?

We can learn that the Arabs are here to destroy everything that they can. I’ll tell you a little story. Once upon a time there was a rabbi who said that the Prime Minister of Medinas Yisroel is a rodef. By yielding so much to the Arabs he’s causing us to lose a great deal – Jewish lives – so he’s a rodef. So somebody put one and one together and shot the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister of Medinas Yisroel was shot and killed by someone. So the whole world was up in arms against this rabbi. “Look what you did! You caused a man to shoot the Prime Minister!” They don’t realize, however, that the rabbi was right. 

At that time the Prime Minister had begun to yield to the Arabs. He was willing to give them certain concessions in order to appease them so that they shouldn’t commit acts of violence against Jews. In order that they should make peace with us he wanted to give them certain concessions. That was a mistake – a terrible mistake. You don’t make concessions with violent people in order to achieve peace. Let the other side make the concessions. “First you behave,” the Arabs have to be told. “If you behave, then we’ll see.” Don’t make any concessions until they behave. But he made concessions and they weren’t behaving yet. And he went further and further and further – and today they’re willing to give away almost everything. Barak is willing to give away parts of Yerushalayim. And therefore, today, the Arabs see that it pays to make trouble. The more they commit acts of terror, the more they can gain opportunities to bargain. And the goyim go along with this. The goyim like the idea of taking away from the Am Yisroel and giving to the Arabs. 

And therefore, that Prime Minister was a rodef [garbled]. Now, I don’t say that you have to make a milchamah. But you have a right – an obligation – to protect the security of your citizens. And therefore it’s wrong to yield. Don’t yield – don’t give away any land until you see that they, first of all, behave. If they behave, then we’ll see what to do. But before they behave and while they are still committing acts of terror, there can be no kinds of concessions at all.
TAPE # E-229 (October 2000)