Rav Avigdor Miller On Gun Control 

What should our reaction be to the recent shootings across America including the killing of a Jew? 

The recent shootings are a little hint of what could happen in America. Now, it might turn out to be nothing, but there is no question that we are witnessing an hefkeirus. Not only against Jews. A tremendous irresponsibility has come down upon the people as a result of atheism and the teachings of evolution. When gentile boys can go and shoot guns into a classroom – that shows that America is terribly corrupt.

Now, we must have orderliness. We must have law and order because if there is a lack of respect for law and order, it is the Jews who are always the first victims. Jews are the easiest target. And therefore, what is happening in America is supposed to be a lesson for us. If atheism and liberalism can bring such hefkeirus to a country, it is a lesson for us that we should be more and more energetic in our devotion to the Torah ideals. And more and more of the Jewish nation has to come back to Hashem. It’s a tragedy that so many of our people are lost in the darkness of atheism. They have to wake up and come back. But at least the frummeh – those who do understand the necessity of living a Torah life – must work to make their lives more perfect, with the full understanding that this world is their preparation for the great happiness that awaits then in the World to Come.

It’s important to know that these are hints. They are not accidents. Everything that happens in this world is for a purpose. Even what happened in Turkey. אין פורענויות בא לעולם אלא בשביל ישראל (Yevamos 63a). No misfortune comes upon the world except for our sake. And Rashi says that it is for us to look at and be impressed by what could happen to us, chas v’shalom. And although we know that Hashem protects us and that He will protect us forever and ever, we should utilize our good fortune in order to best practice and maintain the Torah. And in order to have big, beautiful families of children that are brought up in Torah ways. We must continue increasing and multiplying with huge communities of bigger and bigger numbers. That is our function in this world and all of us together should strive to gain the maximum awareness of Hashem possible. Because that is our purpose in life and that is our preparation for Olam Habah.
TAPE # E-209 (September 1999)