Rav Avigdor Miller on Learning a Lesson From the King of Kuwait (January 1991)

What are some of the secrets or רמזים that we can learn from the fact that Iraq has attacked Kuwait? 

This is outside of my field. Secrets and רמזים, I’m not capable of explaining. However, one lesson we can say. You don’t have to be a מבין of secrets, one who understands secrets, to learn this lesson.

Here was the ruler of Kuwait, who felt so nice and comfortable in his palace. He’s busy all day long counting the big checks that are coming in from his oil. That was his main occupation, his main occupation was his wealth. And then suddenly, he’s exiled. In his wildest dreams, he didn’t dream of that. That Iraq should come and take away his land from him?! They weren’t at war with each other. They had no war.

So everybody should learn from that. No matter how powerful and wealthy a person is, every day he is completely dependent on Hakodosh Boruch Hu to allow him to continue in his success. It can stop immediately. In a moment he can lose everything.

And it’s not only wealth. It’s your health, it’s your life. It all depends on Hashem. All of a sudden, anything can happen. Only Hashem can save you. And that’s one lesson. And it’s a very important lesson to think about.

But why it happens to this nation, and sometimes to that nation, this will be for bigger people than me to discuss. I’m not capable of such things. רמזים and secrets, I don’t know.

TAPE # 810 (January 1991)