What is the best way for someone with a weak background to learn לשון קודש, so that he could learn  seforim that are written in לשון קודש?


The best way is to take an Hebrew/English dictionary, number one. And take out four words a day, on a little piece of paper, and memorize the translation of these words. During the day, five or six times, test yourself so that by the time you say goodnight, you should know those words perfectly.

Then, after you learned a few hundred words that way, start learning Chumash, one sentence or a half sentence every day. But you have to know every word perfectly!  At the end of the week, go over all that you learned, many times, until you can say it without hesitation and you’re able to translate every word. If you follow this program for one year, you will know לשון קודש very well.
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