Is it a mitzvah to love all Jews including the non religious? 


Absolutely not. It’s a mitzvah to love frum Jews. 

Why deceive yourself? Everyone wants to know about loving the non-religious but they don’t love even the frummeh. Halevai you should love frum Jews. That’s the first thing. Get busy loving frum Jews. 

It’s a very important function. First say you love them even if you don’t mean it. First say it. And say it and say it. After saying it a thousand times, hachitzoniyus meoreres es hapenimiyus – your words will awaken your thoughts. By saying it again and again, little by little it comes into your mind.

So get busy practicing loving all frum Jews. Love all black-hatted Jews. “Ah! I love black hat Jews. I love frum Jews. I love their families. A blessing on them. A blessing on their wives and their sons and their daughters and bless them all you can.”

Bless them. Mevorech es Beis Yisroel as much as you can. Continue to say brachos on the Jewish people. And Hakodosh Boruch Hu says, “If you say brachos on My people then I’ll fulfill what I told Avraham Avinu “ואברכה מברכיך – Those who bless you, I’ll bless them.” If you bless the Jewish people, Hakodosh Boruch Hu will bless you in kind.

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