Is it better to be a rebbi in a yeshiva ketana, and have to spend a lot of free time preparing to teach, or is it better to be a business man who has can more easily make time to learn for himself? 


The general rule is that you should do what’s best for your ruchniyus, your spiritual growth, and as much gashmiyus as you need. If being a rebbi of children is going to hamper your ability to make progress, then leave it to somebody else. If you’ll be able to utilize your time better in some other manner, then that’s what you should do.

So it’s not a question of should I do this or should I do that because of the intrinsic value of the thing. There are other people who are willing to be rebbis in the yeshivos ketanos. Every person is different, but you should always do what’s best for you in your ruchniyus, and also as much gashmiyus as you need.

TAPE # 628 (January 1987)

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