Rav Avigdor Miller on Leitzanus in the Beis Medrash



Why is it that in some yeshivos, and in some batei midrashim, there is sometimes an atmosphere of sarcasm and leitzanus? Is that really a good thing? 


It depends what they are making leitzanus about. If it’s about evil things, then we’re all for it! That’s what a beis hamedrash is for, to learn how to belittle the evils of the outside world.

But if they’re making leitzanus of good people, let’s say a misnagdishe boy is making fun of chassideshe rebbis, that’s a big error, a big mistake. You have to be careful who you are talking about. And if chassidim make leitzanus about misnagdishe gedolim, that’s also a big error. Those are fatal mistake to make. Nobody should ever make leitzanus about anything unless he knows that it’s absolutely wicked.
TAPE # 498 (March 1984)