Why is it that in some yeshivos, and in some batei midrashim, there is sometimes an atmosphere of sarcasm and leitzanus? Is that really a good thing? 


It depends what they are making leitzanus about. If it’s about evil things, then we’re all for it! That’s what a beis hamedrash is for, to learn how to belittle the evils of the outside world.

But if they’re making leitzanus of good people, let’s say a misnagdishe boy is making fun of chassideshe rebbis, that’s a big error, a big mistake. You have to be careful who you are talking about. And if chassidim make leitzanus about misnagdishe gedolim, that’s also a big error. Those are fatal mistake to make. Nobody should ever make leitzanus about anything unless he knows that it’s absolutely wicked.
TAPE # 498 (March 1984)

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